What would a 26% savings mean to your affiliate program?

Based on the assessments we have performed, the average brand is over-attributing sales to the affiliate channel by 26%. Over-attribution means that brands are paying commissions and fees on sales that they would have captured anyway without the assistance of the network or publishers. 

Fuse by Pernix is a patented, server-to-server technology that empowers brands to align affiliate network tracking with their analytics attribution only paying for sales that are truly incremental. 

  • Pay commissions only on incremental sales that align with your attribution model 
  • Know the true value of each publisher
  • Reinvest savings with confidence to increase sales and market share

Don’t Take Our Word For It, Trust Your Own Data

We offer a Free Assessment and report on your historical data to compare the sales claimed by your affiliate network and the sales attributed to the network by your analytics platform or source of truth.

“Data and tracking is critical to high growth companies. It wouldn’t be possible to grow at our speed without reliable sources of truth. Pernix has delivered reliable, streamlined attribution so that every dollar is optimized fully and conversions accounted for appropriately”


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