Pernix is a digital marketing attribution application solution that guarantees advertisers have complete transparency and control of the digital marketing attribution ecosystem, ensuring full alignment on goals, investments, performance and reporting. By placing control firmly in marketers’ hands, Pernix provides digital marketers with greater visibility into and improved oversight throughout the affiliate channel to make a trackable return on investment a reality.

One of the long-held promises of digital marketing is fully knowable investment and performance tracking—but it has yet to be fully realized. As attribution logic has remained in the past, today’s marketers lack the ability to truly understand the ROI of their partnership programs. To put control back in the hands of marketers, we’ve created Pernix to make real, trackable performance a reality. Our sophisticated technology brings transparency and simplicity to digital marketing attribution so clients can understand how their investments are performing and focus on optimizing performance. We believe that marketers should only pay for clearly defined results and are committed to equipping our clients with just that – next generation technology that makes the truth simple and ROI powerful.

To help us help you gain control of the digital marketing attribution ecosystem, we’ll need access to your internal analytics (Google Analytics, for example) and an understanding of your goals. We’ll do an audit to ensure your account is set up correctly and your tracking system is ready to reap the full benefits of Pernix. We ensure there will be no technical work needed on your end.

When a brand wants to use Pernix to align their marketing results to a single source of truth, the process is designed to be simple! First, the Pernix team will need to be granted access to your internal analytics. Once we have that, we will perform tests to confirm that the analytics are tracking as necessary for the agreed upon attribution model. Lastly, when those tests are confirmed, we will turn on the Pernix data flows and tracking, and you will be able to sunset the legacy tracking. Those steps differ by the marketing platform, and we will work with you each step of the way to ensure the appropriate steps are taken.

Pernix was built on the fundamental value of agility. We understand that digital marketing demands versatility, and we’re here to provide this for our clients, no matter the circumstance. In addition to fulfilling the major need for Pernix in the affiliate marketing space, Pernix is committed to giving our clients the control and transparency they need across a wide variety of use cases. That’s why we’ll be moving beyond performance marketing channels in the future to equip marketers with the transparency they need across all marketing channels.

Pernix is an attribution application solution and the only company that’s driven to truly accomplish the same goal as our clients – a trackable return on investment. Built to work in conjunction with affiliate networks, Pernix’ unique offering allows users to re-allocate marketing spend based on performance within a custom attribution model. This gives advertisers complete control in the attribution ecosystem so they can align on goals, investments, performance and reporting according to their chosen attribution models.

As server-to-server (S2S) tracking continues to grow, advertisers will require technology that ensures the accurate reporting of identifiers more than ever before. While an increase in identifiers will help marketers understand their consumers’ conversion paths, it will also create an upsurge in data that marketers must be able to assemble and analyze to effectively evaluate the ROI of their campaigns. Pernix’s sophisticated technology simplifies complex data tracking so clients can easily report and recognize effective partners and eliminate ineffective spend.

Spearheaded by a team of industry leaders with decades of experience breaking through industry and technological borders to employ customized solutions for clients, Pernix is powered by the insights obtained from leaders who have dedicated their careers to understanding and tackling effective trackable performance for marketers. As we further our relationship with our partners, we’re here to help you integrate Pernix into your chosen attribution model so you can understand how to optimize campaigns according to your own business model. We also offer attribution audits and services.

Through innovative technology, Pernix guarantees advertisers have complete transparency and control of the digital marketing attribution ecosystem. Pernix integrates directly into advertisers’ attribution logic so networks can allocate spending based on their chosen attribution model. We’re bringing transparency to digital marketing attribution so clients can understand how their investments are performing and focus on optimizing campaign performance.

Agility is one of our core values at Pernix. We understand digital marketing demands versatility and that’s why we’re built to adapt to clients’ needs at a moment’s notice and across any attribution model. As a pure server-side solution, Pernix will provide a definitive look at where your marketing investment is going no matter what conditions your brand encounters in the digital marketing ecosystem. We’re able to pull complex data from multiple affiliate networks—across numerous time zones and currencies—and reconcile it on a single platform.

When partnering with Pernix, customers may notice a change in the performance analytics they see in the marketing platform(s). While these analytics may look they’re going up and down, this is not the case. As Pernix was designed to put truth at the heart of a revitalized partnership marketing approach, performance numbers will be altered to reflect the actual performance they were driving in the first place.

By integrating directly into your chosen attribution model, Pernix ensures that your analytics and marketing platforms are effectively communicating with each other throughout the day, no matter the circumstance. In some cases, there may be platform limitations that hamper this, however.

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