Putting Affiliate Marketing Power Back in Advertisers’ Hands with Pernix

Below is a contributed guest post from Alex Theriault, VP Global Client Services at Lotame and Pernix board member

Driven by the explosion of digital technologies, the role of marketers is rapidly changing. When I started working at Lotame over 10 years ago, the company served as an advertising network. Since then, inspired by marketers’ need for more data-driven results, Lotame transformed into a data management platform. Data impacts every aspect of the digital marketing landscape, but specifically as partnership marketing is thriving, there’s a need for a solution that not only reins in complex data to align campaign performance, but one that also puts the power of driving impactful results back into marketers’ hands.

The Need to Balance Scale and Precision in Data Management

Over the past decade, we’ve seen a huge shift in how we better define and harness available data in the marketing ecosystem. As data became readily available, companies valued scale versus precision and the more data that was collected was considered better. However, if you’re drowning in data points, you can’t make intelligent decisions based on that data quickly enough, and if you stick to high-level interpretations, it’s difficult to make informed decisions without a complete perspective using available information.

Finding the balance of scale versus precision in performance marketing analytics is what has led many marketers and agencies to rely on third party attribution vendors. But over time, as third parties were tasked with defining other marketers’ success, the amount of vague data created a continuum of misinterpreted information and overinflated results. On the flip side, some agencies deliver a lot of value in the campaigns they run, but very little of that value is properly communicated to the marketers because the attribution gets lost through the complexity of multi-channel campaigns. Either way, the misinterpretation and misrepresentation of performance marketing results is creating a deep distrust in the attribution space that needs to be addressed.

There’s a yearning to establish trust for attribution data, but this hadn’t yet been realized in the industry until I met the team at Pernix. While a lot of advertisers know that affiliate marketing is impactful, what Pernix has revealed is that there’s still a lot of noise in the attribution space that’s hurting brands at the end of the day.

Putting Attribution Back in the Hands of Marketers

Pernix recently launched to provide agencies and marketers with an application that fuses attribution and analytics with program tracking to provide an authentic way to track campaign performance without having to navigate through clouded data. Pernix works by pulling complex data from multiple attribution, analytics, partnership and affiliate platforms to align all performance and costs to the marketer’s source of attribution truth (Google Analytics, etc.). In doing this, Pernix is empowering marketers and agencies to fully understand campaign data and attribution so that they can be more effective and help their brands make smarter decisions.

Pernix isn’t just another affiliate marketing solution that claims to be the best of the best. It’s putting marketers in charge of attribution logic to ensure they no longer have to pay CPA commissions on conversions that don’t align with their attribution models. By eliminating the conflict of interest involved in third party marketing platforms, Pernix is putting the power back in advertiser’s hands and defining new standards in the performance marketing industry. 

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