Imagine if you could only pay for performance-based sales that were truly incremental to your business.

Fuse empowers you to report sales back into your affiliate network based on your analytics and your attribution model eliminating over-attribution and commissions for sales created by other channels.


Using the source of truth that matters to you, Fuse will attribute sales appropriately to the network of choice empowering you to use your own logic to determine which sales to commission.


Whether using a reporting tool such as Google Analytics, your own proprietary tracking, or multiple data sources, Fuse can expedite tracking to your preferred network or networks.


By eliminating cumbersome tracking tags and pulling data directly from your analytics, Fuse is manifestly simple to set-up. Most integrations only take a few days.

Affiliate Cost Attribution Alignment

Fuse is a pure server-side solution—Our patent-pending technology aligns affiliate network costs with your own analytics. It is not affected by ad blockers and eliminates the need for third-party tracking. You decide your own attribution logic and pay for what aligns to your values—nothing else. Fuse enables you to invest your valuable marketing dollars in the way that is best for your brand.

Attribution Empowerment

Eliminate the reliance on last-click attribution – By aligning to your source of truth, Fuse enables you to take control of your attribution. You are empowered to implement and test new attribution models that can significantly grow your market share. 

Publisher Alignment

Reward publishers on your terms – Using your own analytics to determine credit for a sale will reduce order corrections and subjective commissions, increasing confidence among your publishers. You will also be able to understand and reward publishers who are driving value aligned with your objectives. 

Implementation is Easy

Fuse manifestly simple to implement – In most cases, technical support is unnecessary. We are already integrated with most major affiliate networks. By providing access to your network of choice and reporting access to your source of truth. Fuse can be up and running in a few days. 

Complimentary Assessment

We offer a Free Assessment and report to compare the sales claimed by your affiliate network and the sales attributed to the network by your own analytics platform or source of truth.  

  • Find out if you are over-attributing sales to the network and publisher that you are already capturing through other channels. 
  • Discover the true value of each publisher in your program.
  • Determine the potential efficiencies Pernix can produce for your brand.
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