Imagine you knew exactly how your digital marketing budget was spent. What would you change?

Fuse gives you the ability to utilize third-party attribution tools to better understand which partners and channels are performing most effectively—so you can reward based on what’s best for your brand.


Using the source of truth that matters to you, Fuse will attribute sales appropriately to the network of choice.


Whether using a third-party reporting tool such as Google Analytics or your own proprietary tracking, Fuse can expedite tracking to your preferred network.


Use your own logic to determine which leads to pay—and whom to pay them to.

Uniquely Accurate

Fuse is a pure server-side solution—it is not affected by ad blockers. No matter what conditions you encounter in the digital marketing ecosystem, Fuse will provide a clear look at where your marketing investment is going.

Your Money—in the Right Place

When you decide your own attribution logic, you pay for what you want—nothing else. Fuse helps you invest valuable marketing dollars in the way that is best for your brand.

The Fuse Platform

Our patent-pending platform aligns marketing platform costs with your own analytics. Fuse makes it easy to control your digital marketing strategy from a single hub, freeing you up to discover new ways of leading your brand forward.

Know Your World

With Fuse, you don’t have to develop an in-house solution just to get at the truth of your digital marketing strategy. Fuse lets you choose how your marketing dollars get spent—and provides detailed, accurate reporting on the results.