Pernix Users See ROAS Lift Amidst Holiday Spending

In the wake of the 2019 holiday season, we took a look at how brands that are using Fuse by Pernix in their affiliate programs fared amidst the fervor of holiday shopping. With brands spending more on advertising and partners working extra hard to bring in motivated holiday shoppers, we wanted to know if Pernix users saw any major differences in ROAS year over year.

What we found is that our ecommerce clients averaged a 30% lift in ROAS with no negative impact on revenue. We also saw increases in sales across all brands. That means ad dollars went farther and had a bigger impact. Much of this came as a result of brands being able to realign sales attribution to their own internal models (which is what Fuse by Pernix was built to do). This shift has a number of positive effects on affiliate program performance including:

  • Alignment between the performance network and the client’s attribution
  • Confidence that sales paid for are truly incremental to the business
  • Ability to pay better commissions to partners who bring in incremental sales 
  • Decrease in order corrections
  • Ability to apply better attribution models beyond the last touch


Brands that used Pernix were able to align their attribution more closely to what they value, and as a result, attract affiliates who are best fit to drive sales according to those values. During a time of year when people are more willing to spend, these brands had their affiliate programs buttoned up with strong teams of relevant and aligned publishers.

The bottom line is that all affiliate program leaders want to have the confidence that the sales coming from the channel are truly incremental to their business. Third-party tracking has historically made this kind of confidence hard to realize. But with Pernix, brands get this right out of the gate, because Pernix aligns affiliate attribution to their source of truth. 

In this new year, make sure that your company is empowered to fully value the hard work you and your partners are doing.


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