Pernix: A Tracking Solution That’s on Your Side

As more and more brands start shifting to a data-driven marketing approach, the performance marketing space needs to evolve in tandem. Performance marketing was built on the idea that brands could see and track the path of each buyer and identify where they should invest more or less based on results. The goal was full transparency but over the last decade, we’ve seen too many situations with advertisers, technologies, and partners where the numbers don’t add up. 

Transparency and alignment is key to industry longevity and success. We understand that there are real conversations happening in boardrooms where budgets are contingent upon results and ROI. If the numbers that the third-party platforms are reporting don’t match what is reflected in a brand’s own analytics, that causes frustration and distrust in the performance channel, which leads to decreased budgets and even cases where brands leave the channel altogether. Pernix was built to solve this problem once and for all.

Why Pernix?

Affiliate marketing spend in the US is projected to reach $6.82 Billion dollars by 2020. There is so much opportunity for brands to seize and as a team comprised of performance marketing industry veterans, we strongly believe in the value of the performance space to help brands grow, increase ROAS and reach new customers.

Pernix was developed to elevate the entire performance landscape and all the players within it by taking a customer-centric approach that further validates and encourages investment in the channel. 

Fuse by Pernix Makes it Simple

Fuse gives attribution control back to the brand by replacing the affiliate network tracking and fusing a brand’s own internal analytics to those networks, which ensures commissions are paid out on the value that is provided. This gives the brand the power to align spend to what is most meaningful to their business and to ensure that the networks and ad platforms are tracking according to the brand’s own goals within the affiliate channel. 

Join the Movement

Getting started with Pernix is easy. All we require is access to your analytics (Google, Adobe etc.) and we take care of the rest. We don’t require involvement from your internal technology team and you set the pace and dictate the rules. Pernix aligns with all the affiliate networks and fuses with your analytics to finally get you accurate data that you can bring to the boardroom with confidence.

Ready to take back control of your affiliate attribution?

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