A Complex World...

The digital marketer’s job is tougher than ever before. Conflicting information from different sources can create a blurred view of the digital landscape, making it hard to figure out the best path forward for your brand.

Pernix helps you find the truth.

…Full of Opportunity

We believe that truth ought to be simple—and that the people who pay for attribution services should decide how those services are used. In other words, we believe that you, the marketer, deserve to control your brand’s attribution logic.

At Pernix, we create the tools that put this power where it belongs—in your hands.


We design our products to be versatile, capable of performing in a wide variety of use cases.


Get to the heart of your attribution data—without unnecessary complications.


Know for certain which partners accomplished which actions for your brand, and optimize your strategy accordingly.

Our products are manifestly simple to use.


Guide your brand’s digital marketing strategy by taking control of your attribution logic. With Fuse, you decide who gets paid for what. Period.



Pull complex data from multiple affiliate networks—across numerous time zones and currencies—and reconcile it on a single platform.


Take Control of Your Attribution with Fuse by Pernix

Fuse gives you complete control over attribution logic for your brand’s digital marketing efforts, aligning marketing platform costs with your own analytics. Fuse makes use of your brand’s best resource—that is, you, and the knowledge you hold—by allowing you, rather than a third party, to determine which actions you will pay partners for accomplishing.

  • Makes sure you never pay CPA commissions on conversions that don’t align with your attribution model.
  • Eliminates the conflict of interest involved in third-party marketing platforms doing their own tracking—with Fuse, you grade your partners’ performance.
  • Removes cumbersome and invasive third-party tags from your website, keeping load times down and stopping other platforms from collecting your customers’ data.
  • Puts you in charge of the attribution models in your brand’s ecosystem.
  • Is manifestly simple to use—little technical knowledge required.

Flexible, powerful, and responsive, Fuse pulls you away from the edges of your brand’s digital marketing strategy—and places you at the center of every campaign.


Authentic, trackable performance is real.

We make products that fulfill the original promise of digital marketing by creating a fair, transparent ecosystem. Click below to discover what Pernix can do for you.

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